JHS 2年生 U3 Daily Scene- Writing an Email

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Name of Teacher: Laura Weatherhead

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS 2nd grade

Textbook and specific lesson: New Horizon 2 U3 Daily Scene

Goal:For students to write an email to a friend with an appropriate structure

Preparation: Print and cut up email cards and put them in envelopes.

Class time: One or two periods (ideally split over 2 lessons to give slower students enough writing and editing time). Can remove/modify activities to do it within one period if necessary.

- Greetings

- Review/Warm-up

- Set context (Have a conversation with students. Ask them: do you send emails?)

- Reading & listening. Look at pics. (who are they?) (what are they doing?)

  • Pre-teach vocab
  • Let’s listen/read once.
  • Ask comprehension questions: Why is Yun-ho writing to Erika? Is Erika going to go to the party? (can ask or answer in Japanese if necessary)
  • Read/listen again and answer the following questions:
  • T/F
• Yun-ho is going to invite their teachers to the party. (T)
• Erika isn’t surprised about the party. (F)
• Erika can’t go to the party. (F)
  • Questions:
• What is Yun-ho holding for Erika? (He is holding a farewell party.)
• When is the party? (It is next Sunday afternoon.)
• Is Erika excited about the party? (Yes, she is.)

- Preparation for writing

  • Step 1: Notice the structure of the email
  • Give groups an envelope with various parts of emails cut up. Tell them to organize them into the 5 sections (Greeting, first line, content, farewell, signature) Check as a class.
  • Step 2: Writing time
  • Give students the worksheet with the list of useful vocab and phrases. Also include example email.
  • In the writing section, students write an email to a friend in the class about something they experienced or did recently.
  • Step 4: Check and edit
  • If there is time, get students to check their own work or their partner's work.

- After checking the students’ emails, hand them back and get them to write a final clean copy on another sheet. Then get them to send them to their friends!

File:Materials U3Daily Scene.docx