Jeopardy (Present Interrogative)

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Name of Teacher: Paolo Commisso

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st Grade Junior High School

Textbook and specific lesson: New Horizons 1 Unit 5

Goal: To teach aspects of the present interrogative tense

Preparation: PowerPoint Jeopardy Game

Class time: 55 minutes

  1. Task 1 (5 minutes)
    Warm up activity: JTE has the students stand up and ask the ALT questions about himself and what he did during the week. After having their questions answered the students are allowed to sit down.
  2. Task 2 (5 minutes)
    The ALT and the JTE will read the dialogue found in New Horizons 1st grade unit 5. The JTE asks the students to translate what the dialogue was about.
  3. Task 3 (10 minutes)
    The JTE holds up flashcards focusing on vocabulary found in the dialogue that the students may not be familiar with. The JTE has the ALT pronounce each word with the students repeating in order to focus on proper pronunciation.
  4. Task 4 (10 minutes)
    The students are put into pairs and are asked to come with a dialogue where they ask each what they had to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  5. Task 5 (25 minutes)
    The ALT has the students play a Jeopardy PowerPoint game. The students are put into groups, and the students choose categories and answer questions in turn. The questions focus on who, what, where, and why questions. Students only get points for their group if they answer using the correct grammar.