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New Horizon lesson ideas

Finding small mistakes in reading texts (Any unit, any grade/year)

Learning Through Drawing Pictures (Any year)

New Horizon 1

Interview Bingo for Practicing “Like” (New Horizon 1, Unit 3)

Jeopardy (Present Interrogative) (New Horizon 1, Unit 5)

What do you have for breakfast? (New Horizon 1, Unit 5 p62)

ベッキーのおばあちゃん (New Horizon 1, Unit 6, Part 1)

What time is it? (New Horizon 1, Unit 7, Part 2)

Final -ed Pronunciation (New Horizon 1, Unit 11 and up)

Call a Friend (New Horizon 1, p72)

New Horizon 2

New Horizon 2 Speaking Plus 2

Navagating On Our School Trip (New Horizon 2, Speaking Plus 3)

JHS 2年生 U3 Daily Scene- Writing an Email (New Horizons 2, Daily Scene 3)

"I will..." Sentence Memory Match (New Horizon 2, Unit 4 dialogue)

Unit 5 PowerPoint Revision Quiz

“There is/are” Draw My Bedroom activity (New Horizon 2, Unit 6)

Transportation Method Preference(New Horizon 2, Unit 5 Activity 2 (page 77))

Superlatives (New Horizon 2, Unit 7)

New Horizon 3

Fan Letters (New Horizon 3, Writing Plus 1)

I Know How To Janken (New Horizon 3, Unit 4)

Could you tell me how to get to the Singapore Zoo? (New Horizon 3, Unit 4, Speaking Plus 3, pages 50-51)

Electronic Dictionaries (New Horizon 3, Unit 5)

Electronic Dictionaries Debate (New Horizons 3, Unit 5, Reading for Communicating pp. 56)

Beyond Ms. Brown: Practical Uses of Textbook English

Sunshine lesson ideas

What did you do?!?!?! (all years/adaptable for different units)

My Friends (Sunshine 1: Unit 6: 由紀のイギリス旅行 Parts 1 & 2)

Could you? (Sunshine 3, Power-Up Speaking 3, pp. 34-35)

Do You Know Your Creature? (Sunshine 3, Unit 5)

Twelve Months (Sunshine Course 1)

One World lesson ideas

Non-textbook lesson ideas

Around The World

Castle Game Pokeball Edition! (JHS All grades)

Compound Quiz (JHS 3rd grade)

Do you know how to read this kanji? (3rd grade)

Field trip idea

Friends Around The World


Rhyming (2nd grade and above)

Review Must and Must not

Robot Attack!

Sentence Scramble

The Great World Pyramid! (All grades and higher)

Yearbook making and signing party (can work with all grades, as well as Eikaiwa)

Whisper Down the Lane/Telephone Pictionary

Wh Questions Jeopardy (8th-9th grade)

Holiday lesson ideas

Halloween Bookmarks (Any grade, also for use in ES)

Halloween “My Monster” Mask Making Lesson

Making Jack O'Lanterns (1st grade; Do/does….? And review of various grammar points up to Unit 6 in New Horizon 1)

Halloween Lesson Plan (Any grade and ES. Halloween themed games)

Halloween Activities (New Horizons 3 Grammar Review)

Hanukkhah lesson with games and recipes (1-3 grade)

Self-introduction lesson ideas

ALT Self-introduction (ES and JHS)

Phonics/Pronunciation lesson ideas

Project ideas

English Language Newsletter (Any grade, also for use in HS)

Pen Pal Letter Exchange (Junior high school - best starting from 2nd year and up)

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