Learning Colors with Twister!

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Name of Teacher: Amanda Monterroso

Class/Grade/Language Level: 2nd - 6th Grade Elementary, Recommended with a small class size (3 - 10 students)

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: Students will be able to identify basic colors, left and right, arm (hand) and leg (foot).

Preparation: Print and laminate A4 size colored dots, 4 of each color (red, yellow, blue, green, and maybe some extra colors).

Class time: 30 minutes

  1. Warm Up
    Use the head, shoulders, knees, and toes song as a warm up.
  2. Review
    Review the colors you will use during the Twister game using flashcards. If necessary, review the body parts used in Twister by having the kids stand up and point to the body part.
  3. Twister
    First, set up the laminated color sheets on the floor in a 4x4 grid with the same colors either in a line OR everything mixed up. You can tape the sheets together to keep them from moving, but I just let the kids push them around a bit.

    You can make a traditional Twister spinner like the actual board game, but I used 2 dice instead and wrote the color key on the blackboard.
    -die #1 = 1:right hand 2: right foot 3:left hand 4:left foot 5,6:dice-roller's choice
    -die #2 = 1:red 2:blue 3:green 4:yellow 5,6:dice-roller’s choice OR additional colors if used.

    You can either roll dice individually for each student, or have them all move at the same time. You might need to make up some rules like ‘only 2 hands per sheet’ so you don’t have all the kids trying to touch the same space.

    Keep calling colors and body parts until a student touches the floor with something other than a hand or foot. Then you can switch teams/dice-rollers or end the game.