Learning Shapes and Colour Review (all grades)

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Name of Teacher: Jeff Hsu

Class/Grade/Language Level: Any Elementary school grade you like

Textbook and specific lesson: no text

Goal: Learn the name of different shapes and revision of colours.

Preparation: Cards that are in different shapes (Big cards for the front and small cards for the students)

Class time: 45 minutes

1) Warm up – Greetings followed by maybe a song or two or whatever is a good warm up you like. Or even a quick game of Simon Says to get them really warmed up.

2) Shapes Practice – Go through the shapes that you have prepared. Depending on the level or the size of the class, the number of shapes or shapes themselves can be varied. Have various colours for each shape which you will use later and also a quick revision of colours doesn’t hurt. Some shapes to use;

Circle Hexagon Rectangle Square Triangle Pentagon Star I think you get the idea.

3) Listening Practice – Get the students to put all the shapes in front of them. Call out the shapes in random order and get the students to listen to you and then arrange the shapes into the same order as you called them. This can be done by themselves or in pairs or groups. Each person/group can have more than 1 set of shapes so when you call out the shapes, you can also repeat certain shapes. (Star, circle, square, triangle, star etc.)

4) Making Shapes – Get the students to get into groups and basically call out the shapes and the groups have to make the shapes with their bodies using every single person in the group. Interesting to see what they come up with as this tests their teamwork and creativity.

5) KARUTA – Pretty straight forward. Get the students in pairs or groups (whatever suits that class) and play Karuta.

6) Shape Basket – Fruit basket but with shapes instead of fruits obviously. If you prepared different colour cards for each shape then you could also get the students to call out colours as well so everyone holding the colour called out has to move regardless of shape. Obviously if their shape gets called, they got to move regardless of colour.

Very straight forward lesson but it’s probably a good way to introduce the English names of shapes as a lot of the students won’t know them and it’s not really taught in Eigo note or the JHS textbooks.

  • Shapes or the number of them can be altered all the time depending on the level and number of kids.
  • Remember to have fun and SMILE ^_^

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