Let's Go Camping

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Name of Teacher: Lacey Lee

Class/Grade/Language Level: Can be adapted for any level, but the more English they have the more interesting it becomes.

Goal: Self-introduction activity/ice breaker

Preparation: Roll of toilet paper

This is originally an ice breaker game. I think that the amusement of the game really hinges on the ability of your JTE to convey the situational humor, so talk about the details/explanation beforehand. You will need a roll of toilet paper or two depending on the size of the class.

Okay, let’s begin. You/your JTE explain to the kids that you’re going camping. HOORAY! It will be so much fun. But first, you must prepare. Explain to them that now each student will need to take all the TP that they estimate they will need for a 3-day (or one day depending on time) journey into the forest. Pass the roll around. Some will be economical; others will roll off insane amounts of toilet paper. After they all get their TP, explain/demonstrate that for each square/rectangle they’ve rolled off they will have to tell something about themselves. (Works well for basic sentence pattern practice as well, for example, I like…, I don’t like…, I can… But it can be adapted for certain grammar points as well I am sure. But be careful with when/how you use it because the downside of this game is that, because it depends largely on the element of surprise, you may only be able to effectively use it once.