Let's Learn Body Parts!

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Name of Teacher: Alex Sensei

Language Level/Grade: 1st Grade Elementary

Textbook: NA

Goal: Learn the parts of the body in Eigo and have a good good time

Preparation: Minimal Class Time: 45 minutes

Warm-Up: I always start Elementary lessons with a TPR warm-up, playing a Simon Says kind of game with different actions. For this lesson, I simplify it, calling: ‘Everybody, touch your head!’ while demonstrating the actions as we play. Move through the actions as a build-up for singing Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes, and for gauging how familiar the kids are with the song/English vocab. I usually build up speed as we go calling ‘Head! Shoulders..!’ faster and faster until everybody (including myself) has lost pace, which is pretty much what they’re all hoping will happen anyway.

Learning Target Vocab: Here’s an opportunity to skip the flashcard routine. Instead get a volunteer to come to the front of the room. Have them take off their shoes and stand on a chair, using them as a model to point out the vocab you want to teach. Do yourself a favor and skip teaching chin. You can review by challenging the student on the chair to do the pointing on their own the second time through. Run through this with a few different students if time permits. Next, have students make pairs and practice in this way on their own, save the standing on chairs bit.

Song: Now do a little of the old ‘Head and Shoulders’ song. Using a cd or your own wonderful singing voice, go through it several times, encouraging the students to sing with you.

Game: Last, play the ‘Stuck Together Game’. Have students make four teams, sitting in rows on the floor. Tell each student in the front of the rows the secret word, and have them whisper it back (like playing telephone). The last two students in each row then must run to the front stuck together as per the secret word (For example, if the secret word is arm, they must run arm in arm). First team to make it to the front correctly stuck together wins a point. Rotate through the students as runners.