Let's go! (ES, grades 3/4)

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Name of Teacher: Zachary Johnson

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES 3rd, 4th

Textbook and specific lesson: Let's go and place names lesson

Goal: Practice let's go construction and place names

Preparation: Pictures of locations

I use this game to learn both “let’s go” and place names. To play, pictures of different locations being learned are placed at two ends of the room. Then all but two students spread our throughout the center of the classroom and stand alone with eyes closed. The two remaining students stand at opposite ends of the room with a location in mind. Then, one by one, they approach the students in the center, tap them, and whisper “Let’s go to (location)”. They join hands with the student and take them along to the next student, where they say the phrase together. Each student amasses a larger number of other students, until no one is in the center. Then they go to their target location. The winner is the one who was able to collect the most other students.