Let’s Practice Rebuttals!

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Wiki Lesson Title: Let’s practice rebuttals!

Class/Grade/ Language Level: Senior High School – 1st year – academic high school

Textbook and specific lesson: Debate Project

Goal: critical thinking - practice rebuttals/stating opinions, speaking

Preparation: print lesson worksheet

Class time: 50 minutes

Lesson Plan:

(This is the first part of the debate project.)

1.Let’s Practice Rebuttals (5 min)

Explain what a rebuttal is (反論)

Read the rebuttal format – repeat after me

2.Explain activity (5 min)

Students have to make a rebuttal to A’s statement.

They have to choose at least 1 reason to rebuttal. Try for 2.

They can use the rebuttal formats shown in the box.

3.Activity (30 min)

4.Presentation in pairs (5 min)

Make a pair – no need to move desks, just shift position

Students will choose one number to share with their partner.

5.Presentation (remaining time)

Volunteers to present in front of the class