Let’s Try 2! 4th Grade- Alphabet Lesson Plan

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Name of Teacher: Seiko Kuroki, Jessica Langshaw (ALT)

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4th grade (ES)

Textbook and specific lesson: Let’s Try 2: Unit 6- Alphabet

Goal: To use and recognize small letters of the English alphabet. Key phrase- I have a ~

Preparation: Creating ‘Alphabet Town’ materials and materials for game

Class time: 45 minutes

Greeting: ALT- Hello! How are you? How’s the weather? What day is it?

Alphabet Time: ALT- It’s alphabet time! Today’s letter is ‘T’! What’s the sound? (Children answer) Great! Ok, magic finger- let’s write ‘t’ ‘down, stop! Right, right stop, off!’ (air-writing the letter).

What words begin with ‘T’? e.g. tiger, teacher, tomato

Awesome! Let’s make a T shape! Children use bodies to make a ‘t’ shape.

Children open file to alphabet sheet, find the letter and colour.

Matching Game: ALT uses 9 big letters on the board, gets students to match small letters one by one using directions.

Warm Up Time: HRT- Please look at Kuroki Sensei and Jessica Sensei!

ALT: What’s my sign? (signs taken from Alphabet Town page in course book e.g. telephone)

HRT: Hm, I don’t know. What should I do?

S: Hint please!

HRT: What hint?

S: Zone/ Alphabet!

ALT: OK- Hint 1, zone A. Hint 2, I have a ‘t’. Hint 3, I have an ‘x’. What’s my sign?

HRT: I know! It’s this sign! It’s taxi!

HRT asks students about today’s goal.

Card Makeri Game: Using two volunteers, teachers demonstrate game. HRT closes eyes and uses headphones (so they can’t see/ hear). ALT chooses card, practices hints with students.

ALT: What’s my sign?

S: What’s my sign?

Volunteer/ HRT: Hint please!

ALT: Hint 1

S: B Zone!

ALT: Hint 2

S: I have a ‘t’ etc.

Finding Nemo Game

Jessica pair (volunteer) and Kuroki pair.

Rock, paper, scissors- winner is ‘nemo’ and hides a nemo card (magnetic) behind a sign in alphabet town (printed onto a whiteboard).

What’s my sign-> Hint please! -> HINT -> Correct! (student gets one point)

1st time performed in front of class. Practice phrases with chants- half of the class- Jessica’s group etc.

Teachers hand out nemo magnets, alphabet town whiteboard and nemo namecards.

HRT: OK! Choosing time- 10 seconds (winning pair places nemo behind desired sign. Game continues- teachers observe looking for good pairs and use one as an example.

Review Time: Children write review sheet, some read out. ALT comment- Good ~ (golden rule) and an example of good English e.g. ‘Hana-san said ‘one more time please’ when she didn’t understand! Nice!