Line Quiz Game (all grades)

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Name of Teacher: Mana Haleem

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS

Textbook and specific lesson: any lesson topic or review activity

Goal: warm-up, reward final activity, getting students to practice answering questions.

Preparation: questions to ask

Class time: 10 minutes

Divide the class into 2 teams and have each team form a line, facing one another. ALT stands in the middle and asks a question, such as “what colour do you like?”. The first student to answer, or to answer correctly, gets to sit down in his/her seat, but if they are too slow or they didn't answer the question correctly, they have to go to the back of the line. The team with all their members sitting down first, wins. The ALT can ask questions from a particular lesson they are teaching, or it can be used as a review for everything covered up so far. It is a good warm-up, but can also works well towards the end, as a sort of reward or fun activity. To make it easier for the students, tell them which 5 (or 10, or however many) questions you might ask. Sometimes, if it's too broad, students get confused. At the end, one team may still have quite a number of students still standing. The ALT can just simply continue asking them questions, or the remaining students could ask the ALT a question instead.