Line and Row

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Name of Teacher: Dokken Nakamone

Class/Grade/Language Level: All levels

Goal: Review warm-up activity

While doing the class opening greeting at the beginning of class, you can do a warm up before the kids sit back down. You and your JTE will ask a question to the class. You can ask anything. Have one student raise their hand to answer. If the student gets it correct, have them select a line or row in the class to sit down. The game ends when all the students sit back down. If you do this at the beginning of every class, students will anticipate the game and it’ll go smoother. You can also ask more difficult questions for the advance classes, or easier questions for the less academic classes.

Some good questions to ask are:
When is the next school holiday?
How is the weather today?
When is your birthday?
What is kyari pamyu pamyu’s newest single?