Listen Carefully Activity (ES/JHS)

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ALT: Rich Lee

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES, JHS

Textbook and specific lesson: various could be adapted

Goal: practice listening for target vocabulary, and testing accurate spelling.

Preparation: listening material, music player

Class time: 10 minutes

As teachers, we often use pictures or videos in class as a way to convey certain grammar points or as an introduction for new topics. While a single picture or video can motivate our students, how about letting the students hear only sounds without a picture? I most recently used sounds in an elementary class where we were reviewing different jobs. All the students were familiar with the new job names, such as fireman, bus driver etc.

I placed students into groups and gave them each a whiteboard and marker. Students would then listen to the sounds on the CD and write down the job that they thought the sound represented.

The activity can be changed to suit different levels or to elicit certain vocabulary. The sounds can be easy to guess or you could let the students only hear a few seconds and see if they could catch what they heard.

Whenever I have used this activity in class, all my students have had great motivation to participate and answer the questions posed. Downloading sounds from Youtube or other places on the Internet is usually fairly straightforward and there are websites where you can copy and paste a youtube link and immediately convert it to an MP3 file, ready for downloading and burning to a CD.