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Welcome to the Kumamoto Lesson Wiki...

created for lesson and idea sharing between ALTs of Kumamoto prefecture. The more we post lessons, the more useful this resource will become so please post all your brilliant and successful ideas here!

About editing and adding your ideas: In the spirit of the 'wiki', all lesson pages are editable by every logged in user. We hope that this will allow us to improve and modify lessons as we try things out in the classroom. We ask that if you would like to modify a lesson, let's add rather than delete. By doing so, we can show respect to the original contributor, and create a more diverse range of lesson variations for our community of readers. You can find details about adding or editing lessons below. Enjoy!

The PAs, Lily and Bilal

Lesson Plans

Adding or Editing Lesson Plans

Publishing help - help with adding or editing lessons

Lesson Publishing Guide

At the top of your lesson, please include the following information:

Name of Teacher:
Class/Grade/Language Level:
Textbook and specific lesson:
Class time: