Making Jack O'Lanterns

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Name of Teacher: Chris Ott

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS 1st years

Textbook and specific lesson: Do/does….? And review of various grammar points up to Unit 6 in New Horizon 1

Goal: Teach students how to make Jack 0’ Lanterns using English they know.

Preparation: Buy a pumpkin, get things needed to carve a Jack O’ Lantern, and carve the Jack O’ Lantern. Worksheets: File:Halloweentown.docx File:Jackofillin.docx

Class time: 50 min

1. Greet the class.

2. Ask the student what special day is coming up (this lesson should be done before Halloween). Then tell them that the lesson will be about Halloween.

3. Hand out the Halloween Town worksheets. The students should work in pairs. One student should have worksheet A, and the other worksheet B. With the JTE’s help explain that the activity is a GAP activity, and that they need to ask their partners questions to complete their own worksheet. The worksheets have different pictures, and the students answer their partners’ questions by looking at the pictures on their own worksheet. Before starting, go over the pronunciation of the monsters and have the students repeat the questions. After students finish go over the answers for each worksheet. Note: On sheet B I consider the last two monsters to be zombies, though one of them kind of looks like a mummy.

4. Next, tell them that they will learn how to make a Jack O’ Lantern. Pass out the Jack O’ Lantern worksheet. Read the worksheet and have the students listen and fill in the blanks. After going over the answers, go over the meaning of the text with the JTE

5. Watch the video on how to make a Jack O’ Lantern. video link

6. Last, show students a real Jack O’ Lantern. Make sure to have the Jack O’ Lantern already carver. For effect, reinsert the carved out pieces, eyes, nose, mouth, etc, back into the pumpkin, and take them out one at a time. Last close the curtains, turn off the lights, and light the candle to blow some minds.