Making an Argument

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Wiki Lesson Title: Making an Argument

Names of Teachers: Shigenaga Sensei (JTE), Jonathan Jelliff (ALT)

Class/Grade/Language Level: Technical HS, 2nd Grade, Lower level of English

Textbook and specific lesson: This is not based on a textbook. The JTE chose the theme and learning aims.

Goal: To have the students understand the flow of an argument, then to write their argument, and then read their argument aloud.

Preparation: Worksheet preparation, planning how to make each step visible and readily understandable, checking and testing that each step is at the students’ level, revising the handouts as needed (About two weeks of planning and preparation)

Class time: 50 minutes


This Lesson Plan was for the third lesson for the 2nd Grade classes in a two part series. The first lesson taught the students (Ss) how to know when they should use “more ~ than” and when they should use “~er than” instead. In the second lesson, they were given the chance to make positive points supporting the topic “Country life is better than city life” by writing sentences with “more ~ than” or “~er than”.

Learning Goals

There were three learning goals for the third lesson. First, that the Ss would review and consolidate the material from the previous lessons. Second, that the Ss would learn about making negative points to support an idea. Third, that the Ss would work together in groups to write an argumentative essay in support of either “Country life is better than city life” or “City life is better than country life” using a combination of positive and negative points to support their argument.

Complete Lesson timetable and plan attached here: File:Argumentlessontimetable.doc

Lesson Worksheet: File:Makinganargumentworksheet.doc