Maps and Directions

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Name of Teacher: Chase Sutherland

Class/Grade/Language Level: First year academic

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: Review maps and directions vocabulary words and phrases. Be able to ask for and give directions.

Preparation: Print out the worksheets, laptop and projector for the map picture.

Class time: about 50 minutes

Worksheet for this lesson

Map for this lesson

Warm Up 5-10minutes

  • In pairs, students ask each other “What country do you want to travel to in the future?”
  • Students do rock paper scissors in pairs
  • Winner asks first
  • Then the ALT calls for volunteers

Vocab and Key Phrases 10 minutes

  • ALT and JTE pass out worksheet
  • The ALT says the vocab and the students repeat
  • Next, students can quiz each other. The students will do rock paper scissors. The winner says the English vocabulary and the loser has to say the Japanese meaning. After they’re done, they switch roles.
  • Do the same thing for the useful phrases

Dialogue demonstration and practice 5 minutes

  • ALT and JTE will read a short dialogue about someone who is lost and a person that helps them
  • Then the students practice in pairs

Giving directions quiz 10 minutes

  • To check the students’ listening skill and to review the expressions, the ALT tells the students the starting point on the map and gives them directions
  • The students have to guess where they are
  • ALT can show the map using a projector, too

Giving directions pair work activity 15 minutes

  • In pairs, students do rock paper scissors
  • The winner chooses the starting and ending point and has to ask their partner for directions
  • Then the students switch roles and the loser asks for directions
  • If time, can switch partners or the ALT can ask a student for directions