Money and Numbers (All years, all levels)

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Name of Teacher: Laura Turner

Class/Grade/Language Level: SHS All levels

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: To revise numbers in English and to practice saying large numbers in English

Preparation: print out 3 handouts. Handouts: 1. Money and Numbers Handout] 2. Crossword Information Gap Model 3. Numbers Information Gap

Class time: one 50 minute class

This has worked well with all year levels and student ability levels at my school (low level academic and agricultural schools). You can differentiate the work based on their level easily, through the numbers you use and the time you spend on explaining how to read out numbers. I follow this lesson up with my Numbers and Dates lesson where they learn about ordinal numbers and practise the numbers.

Introduction of the topic: Write large number on board (number depends on class level -> high end (up in zillions), low end (up to hundred thousand). Explain that by the end of the class they will all be able to say this number easily in English. See if anyone wants to try now.

1. Pronunciation: Read out the numbers. Emphasize the difference between the 'teen' and 'ty' e.g. 14/40. Explain how to read out big numbers. Let students practise by writing random numbers on board (include trickier ones for more able classes/students e.g. 502, or 800,002).

2. Line Game: Write numbers up on board, students to say what it is in English, then line or row to sit down. Last few students tend to get easier numbers to encourage them.

3. Information Gap: Explain how to complete the information gap. Model with example crossword. (Ask "What is # down/across?") Emphasise to students they are to say WHOLE number (e.g. not one two three but one hundred and twenty three) and hide their sheet from partner. Ask a few numbers from students at end.

4. Writing Exercise: Introduce money and how to say it in English. 8e.g. $4.50 = four dollars and fifty cents/four dollars fifty Explain activity. Check answers.

Spare time? BINGO using numbers (can be the money numbers or other numbers)

Finish: Get class to say the large number on the board. Standard farewell.

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