Name that Character

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Name of Teacher: Kane Bryant

Class/Grade/Language Level: 5th and 6th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: No textbook, clothing (colors review)

Goal: Teach kids how to say common clothing words in English.

Preparation: Flash cards, lots of colors of chalk

Class time: 30 minutes

Split the class into groups of about 4-6 students each. Have two students from each group come to the front of the room. One of these students is the artist, the other is the explainer. Take all of the explainers outside of the classroom and show them a picture of a popular character. Go through each of the distinguishing features of the characters with the students, then send them back into the classroom to explain the character to the artists. The artist draws the character while listening to the explainer, the seated students try to guess the character. Award points to the first group to guess the character, the first group to finish the picture and the group with the best picture. To save time, consider drawing stick figures on the board for the students to dress.