Navagating On Our School Trip

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Name of Teacher: Valeria Reyes
Class/Grade/Language Level: Junior_High_School#New_Horizon_lesson_ideas 2nd year.
Textbook and Specific Lesson: New Horizon 2, Unit 5, Speaking Plus 3 pg 56-57
Goal: To familiarize students with buses and their travel destination.
Preparation: 30 minutes
Class time: 1 period. It’s good to go over the textbook in the class before.

Find out the location of your student’s upcoming class trip. My students are going to Okinawa and it changes every year. I found out where they will have their free time (Kokusai Doori), found some real bus stops and things available at each bus stop. It helps them get familiar with the area and also excites them about their upcoming trip.

Depending on how you are teaching the lesson, before or in this class period practice the words they will use, for example the place names and giving directions “excuse me, the museum, take the green bus / bus number 3, etc. ”

1. Split the class into pairs and have them choose a destination.

2. Depending on your students abilities, they can look at the textbook, or make up their own dialogue altogether.

3. Have them practice with each other a few times and then come have the conversation in front of you or another teacher. We did it this way so they wouldn’t be shy in front of the entire class . the other students are still working on their own.

4. If you have some really good and confident pairs have them say it in front of the class.

About the worksheet: You can copy and paste a real English map of the location, but I found it had too much information for the kids. So I simplified it like this. The additional maps may be good for a bulletin board to supplement their excitement about going on their trip.

The double circle spots ◎ are spots where they can add more information, like those examples at the bottom of the worksheet, or whatever they think is good for that location.