New Horizon 2 Speaking Plus 2

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Name of Teacher: Laura Smith
Class/Grade/Language Level: Junior High School 2nd grade
Textbook and specific lesson: New Horizon 2, Speaking Plus 2
Goal: To learn how to make a phone call / ask to speak to someone
Preparation: Toy phones, white boards, erasable markers
Class time: 50 minutes

1. Greetings/Daily Questions (How are you / day / date / weather)

2. JTE acts out Japanese phone conversation with a student, following the format of textbook. The student shouldn’t be aware of the textbook format beforehand, in order to create a more playful environment.

3. JTE and ALT act out Speaking Plus #2; students listen and try to understand the meaning.

4. Explanations of the grammar by JTE

5. Pattern practice of the grammar by ALT

6. Students split into small groups. Using whiteboards, students come up with their own versions of the skit, trying to ask the ALT to do something with them.

7. Practice skits with ALT.

8. Presentation of skits in front of class.

9. Finish class.