New Year's Resolutions

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Name of Teacher: Raleigh Hooks

Class/Grade/Language Level: Any SHS grade (low level)

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: Understand instructions given in English and learn about New Year’s Resolutions

Preparation: blackboard/whiteboard, chalk/markers, A4 paper for each student, ~10min prep time (make a line 2.5cm from the bottom of the paper)

Class time: ~25-30 minutes

I teach them a little bit about Christmas by showing some pictures in a powerpoint and then tell them about New Year’s Resolutions. Give them the paper after talking about resolutions and have them cut off or tear off that bottom piece of the paper and write 3 resolutions on it (i.e. I will learn 400 new English words. I will eat fruit every day. I will stop drinking soda.) Write your own example resolutions on the board and start drawing the steps for making an origami envelope one by one on the board and tell them what to do as well:

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