Numbers 1 through 10

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Goal: Numbers - Counting from 1-10

Grades: 1-2

Time: 45 minutes

Items: balloons, flash cards, counting video/chant

Greeting: Students ask each other the phrase “how are you?” and answer. All students ask ALT “how are you?”.

Warm up activity: Head, shoulders, knees and toes song.

Lesson: ALT introduces flash cards 1-10. Students count and repeat after ALT.

Activity 1: Students watch animated video with counting chants and follow the example counting from 1-10. You can download fun counting videos and chants from the internet.

Activity 2: Students form a circle and count from 1 to 10. For large classes, the next student starts at 1 and so on until all students have counted. Then, students shuffle in the circle and count again. Complete the activity after two shuffles.

Activity 3: Students are divided into groups of five or six depending on the size of the class. Each team gets a balloon. Students are instructed to play janken to determine the order in which they will play (first, second, and so on). When ALT gives the go-ahead, students bounce the balloon to each other while counting from one to ten. If any player misses and the balloon falls to the ground, that player has to start counting again from one. Giving each group a different colour balloon makes it easy for them to keep track of their own. Students usually have a lot of fun with this activity and it is suitable up to elementary grade 4.