Numbers Above 20

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Name of Teacher: Zachary Johnson
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 5th and 6th grade
Textbook and specific lesson: Numbers above 20, dates, and phonics
Goal: To practice numbers above twenty, dates, and phonics.
Preparation: B4 paper for each student, markers
Class time: 1.5 class periods

I first showed students an example of a boxer I drew. I made sure to spell his name in a way students could read using the phonics they’d learned up to that point. I also wrote his weight and birthday. I introduce him saying, “Gob! March 11th! 77 kilos!”

I then gave each student a piece of B4 paper and had them make their own boxers, giving them names, birthdays, and weights. They needed a lot of help with making the names, as they were mostly used to reading simple words, not creating them.

When the boxers were finished, I drew brackets on the board and began the tournament. Each student had to introduce their boxer and then janken with each other. The winner would move up in the tournament and the loser would help introduce the boxer of the student who won. So, over time, boxers would be supported by more and more students who had lost. I was able to finish half of the tournament by the end of the first class.

In the second class, we progressed until only two students remained. For the quarter finals, I mandated that students had to win at janken twice to win the match. For the finals, they had to win three times. By the finals, half of the class was supporting one box, half the other. Each half introduced the boxers together, for added drama. In the end, I awarded the champion big, cardboard boxing gloves which I’d constructed.