Occupation Game (JHS 2nd/3rd)

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Name of Teacher: Christian Steger

Class/Grade/Language Level: 2nd/3rd years

Textbook and specific lesson: can be used after the students have learned several usages of the infinitive

Preparation: cards with Occupations - words on one side, pictures on the other.

Class time: 10-15 minutes

Me and my JTE at one of my Junior High Schools make use of this activity at the beginning of class after the kids (2nd graders) studied about the several usages of the infinitive (不定詞) in the class before. It is also an activity which requires knowledge about names of several occupations (職業).

Each kid gets one card with an occupation name and also a picture on it (for example ‘florist’) and a detailed explanation sentence about this occupation on the backside of the card (for example ‘I like to arrange flower bouquets’). Important: there is one kid in the class who gets exactly the same card! Now you give the students 2 minutes to read the sentence on their cards. Go to the students who have difficulties and help them to understand what’s written on their card. When they are ready I usually choose a student who starts the activity. He/she stands up in front of everyone and reads with a loud voice the short sentence on his/her card. The student who has exactly the same card has to respond quickly and says the name of the occupation. When they are done they give me back their cards and I choose another student to proceed with the activity.

At the beginning this activity took 15 minutes but after the students got used to it and its procedure time decreased to approximately 8-10 minutes. Sometimes I also do this game in 3rd grader classes to check their knowledge and as a repetition.