Opinions and Reasons

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Name of Teacher: Paige Hughes

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st Years/Academic

Textbook and specific lesson: Introducing debate - Practicing giving opinions and reasons

Goal: Help students express their thoughts and ideas in English

Preparation: Prepare opinions for warm up, worksheets for reason activities

Class time: 50 minutes


  • Students will practice opinions by agreeing or disagreeing with statements
  • Students will be able to write and speak their ideas about different topics

1) Warm-Up 5-10 minutes

  • Students will stand up
  • ALT and JTE will say random opinions (ex: Rice is better than bread, students should be able to drive to school...)
  • When students hear the opinion, they go to the right side of the classroom if they agree, left side if they disagree

2) Activity: Practicing Reasons 10-15 minutes

  • Students will receive a worksheet with a list of 3 things (love, money, and family)
  • Students have to rank them from 1st to 3rd of which is most important to them
  • Next, they will write a reason why they chose #1
  • Have them share with a partner
  • Repeat same activity but with a different list of three things (farmer, teacher, doctor)

What is your reason ws

3) Introduction to Strong Reasons 10 minutes

  • ALT will explain three types of strong reasons
  • Give examples: Write an opinion with two different reasons. Ask the students which reason is stronger.

Opinions and Reasons Ppt

4) Practicing strong reasons 10-15 minutes

  • Students will get into pairs
  • Each pair will receive a worksheet
  • Worksheet has opinions with two different reasons
  • Pairs have to choose which reason is stronger
  • After finishing, ALT and JTE will review the answers and explain

Strong Reason ws