Ore Ore Sagi Skit

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Name of Teacher: Emily Taylor, who got it from her JTE

Class/Grade/Language Level: I used this for my 2nd and 3rd year junior high school students, but it probably works better for senior high school or eikaiwa

Textbook and specific lesson: Can be used as a warm up anytime, or right after your students study "if"

Goal: Get the students to goof off a bit in English at the start of class before the serious work begins

Preparation: Just print off the dialog (link below)

Class time: 10 minutes

Note: This activity can be used for low level students, but they must be genki. I wouldn't dare trying this with a low genki class.

Pass out the dialogue and read it together with the students. Let them work in pairs to finish it. I give them four minutes to think and write, and then an additional two minutes to practice. Have volunteers present.

Skit dialogue

An image to put on the blackboard