Pick-up Sticks (ES)

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Name of Teacher: Sam McDowall

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES

Goal: Play pick-up sticks to help with grammar/vocabulary review

Preparation: Set up of pick-up sticks (multiple sets recommended for large classes)

This activity is flexible and works well for ES 1-4 students. The game Pick-up sticks is cheap to obtain or make and uses colored sticks to represent point values. I used this as part of a lesson on colors and numbers. Many of the students knew a wide variety of colors in English already, and could count to 10 easily and 20 with a bit of difficulty. So after some review, it worked well to encourage students to combine the vocabularies. You can also be flexible with the game rules to cater to class size. I would recommend a few sets of sticks so that all students get plenty of opportunities to play the game and practice the words. It is also easier to manage small clusters of children rather than one enormous mob of children crowding around the only set of sticks.