Pronunciation Telephone Game (SHS)

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Teacher: Sakiko Shimada

Class/Grade/Language Level: SHS

Textbook and specific lesson: none

Goal: practice distinguishing between difficult minimal pairs (ie. l/r)and producing each individual phoneme correctly.

Preparation: none

Class time: 10 minutes

Students try to tell others their phone numbers without saying the number. Students should tell them using 10 words as follows:

1 right

3 rent

5 ramp

7 red

9 rice

2 light

4 lent

6 lamp

8 led

0 lice

For example, when they want to say “090”, they should say “lice, rice, lice”. The listeners should listen to it carefully, then write the numbers on the handout.

Many Japanese are confused the pronunciation of “L” and “R”, so this game is a little difficult for students. However when I did it in the English class, they tried hard and enjoyed it very much.