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Name of Teacher:Mélina Lomax

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st grade low/average ability

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: For students to learn how to order food at restaurant using their knowledge from the previous lessons of food and money

Preparation: Print out worksheets and menus. There are two different versions: one is a little bit more difficult (File:Restaurant.docx and File:Menu.docx) and includes dessert while the other just includes ordering food and drink (File:Restaurant easier.docx and File:Menu easier (A5 size).docx).

Class time: 50 minutes

Warm-up: JTE puts students into pairs while the ALT gives out the worksheets so each pair have different worksheets from each other. Students do the matching warm-up to quickly revise food and money.
Introducing dialogue: ALT and JTE introduce the dialogue and read it out, they then explain that students will practice the dialogue but first they need to set-up their restaurants. JTE and ALT give each pair a menu and then give students a couple of minutes to come up with a restaurant name and write it on their menu (and decorate them too if there`s time).
Conversation practice: ALT and JTE read out the dialogue again this time getting the students to repeat. They then explain that the students must pick from the menu when ordering. Once everyone has understood the ALT gets all of the students with waiters written at the top of their worksheet to stand up. They take the menu and go around to different customers (we tried the other way around but it made more sense for the waiter to be standing) filling in the information on their worksheet. After a few minutes the ALT gets everyone to sit back down and the students swap roles and the new waiters take the menu and go around.
Demonstrations: ALT and JTE ask for/pick volunteers to demonstrate.

Note: If possible props are always good e.g. paper plates for the waiters to give to the customers.