Review Must and Must not

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Name of Teacher: Chris Ott
Class/Grade/Language Level: Junior High School 2nd Grade
Textbook and specific lesson: New Horizon 2 Unit 4
Goal: Review Must and Must Not
Preparation: 1) Magneted (is that a word?) characters and 2) The below worksheet.
Class time: 50 minutes

1. Explain to the students that they will be doing a review activity for must~ and must not~. Quickly review the meanings the grammar points with the students.

2. Have the students get into groups of four. The JTE then walks around and passes out a worksheet to each student. At the same time, the ALT walks around with an envelope containing laminated cutouts of characters that have magnets on the back. Characters I used included Funashi, Obama, Lora, 7-11 logo, KFC logo, Ace, Mario, etc. When the ALT gets to a group, one student from that group gets to blindly choose a character from the envelope.

3. After the characters have been passed out the ALT draws the following on the board:

Start     1       2       3       4        5       6    Finish
          |       |       |       |        |       |
          |       |       |       |        |       |
          |       |       |       |        |       |
          |       |       |       |        |       |

Once the laughter and chatter about the characters stops, the ALT has one person from each team come to the board and put their team’s character on the Start line.

4. Next, explain the rules. In teams the students unscramble the sentences on the worksheet, and using those sentences, which are clues, answer the question, What sport is it? After a team finishes a question, one student from the team comes to the front with the worksheet. The ALT checks the sentences and the answer, and if all are correct the team can advance their character one space, and then move on to the next question.

5. As teams cross the finish line, write 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc next to the characters.

6. Answers to the questions are 1) volleyball 2) basketball 3) Baseball 4) tennis 5) soccer 6) sumo

For question 2 students might answer soccer, which technically is correct, but I say no to them. And for 4 students may say table tennis, which is also technically correct, but I also say no to them.

7. You may need to provide a glossary on the board for the following words: four times, hold, arm, alone , opponent, pull, and the apostrophe S in player’S.