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Name of Teacher: Patrick Amano Dolan

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS 2nd grade - SHS 1st Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: Improve pronunciation and boost confidence through intuitive rhyme-reading practice

Preparation: Prepare worksheets and one “Green Eggs and Ham” booklet for every two students. Also, bring a wireless speaker to connect with your phone.

Class time: 50 minutes

Part 1

Rhyming Intro (10 minutes)

- Explain the basic concept of rhyming.

- Play a few songs from popular artists (like Taylor Swift) as an example of rhyming to grab the students’ attention

Part 2

Rhyming Practice (10 minutes)

- Read through each of the words in part 2 so the students understand the pronunciation

- Include words with similar spelling that rhyme and words with the same spelling that do not rhyme (emphasize pronunciation over spelling)

- Allow the students 3 minutes to connect the rhyming words

Part 3

Reading Rhymes (25 minutes)

- Put students into pairs, hand out a booklet to each pair

- Introduce the story and explain the cultural significance of Dr. Seuss and Green Eggs and Ham

- Have the students read “Popcorn” style (each student reads about one page then passes to a classmate)

- Do not correct or help the students` reading (unless completely necessary). Allow them to use rhyming and their intuition to guess the pronunciation

Part 4

Creating Rhymes (5 minutes)

- Have the students find 4 pairs of rhyming words from the story. Then, have them try to add their own rhyming word to fit the pattern