Row Game (all levels)

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Name of Teacher: Devin Holloway

Class/Grade/Language Level: all levels

Textbook and specific lesson: any

Goal: warm-up; practice answering questions

Preparation: a list of questions

Class time: 10 minutes

Have an entire row stand. I usually start with the first row, but you can begin with any row of students you like. In rapid fine succession, I ask questions that get progressively harder (“What color do you like?” to “Who is taller, me or (JTE)?” to “Is Botchan a book written by Soseki?” for JHS 3nd year, for example.) If a student answers correctly, they may sit. When the last student in the row is left, their column must stand and a new round begins. This can continue until the where class has played or for however long you’d like/have time.