Scattergories game (2nd and year grade)

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Name of Teacher: Melissa Reed

Class/Grade/Language Level: 2nd or 3rd year in JHS

Textbook and specific lesson: Review

Goal: To think of English words as quickly as possible

Preparation: print handout Handout: handout

Class time:10 minutes per round

Scattergories: This is a quick and fun game to prepare for, and the students get very competitive with it.

Make the students get into 4-person groups and explain the rules of the game. You can pass out the example page for clarification. Choose a letter, and explain that the word for each category that they choose must begin with that letter. Review each category to make sure that they understand. Easy things like “sport” or “color” they shouldn’t have a problem with, but more complex things like “something in this room” or “word that ends with –e” might be a little more challenging.

Each group only gets one paper and must work together to get the answers. They will have only five minutes to complete all of the categories. I allowed them to use their books the first time, but once they got the hang of the game, I didn’t allow it anymore. After time is up, we go over answers. In the actual game of Scattergories, if two people have the same answer to a question, they can’t count it. For example, if two people put “blue” in the category “color,” then neither person can count it. I don’t play that way in class. If everyone puts “blue,” everyone gets a point.

I usually play two or three rounds. The team with the most points after two or three rounds is declared the winner.

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