School Stationery (3-4 grade)

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Name of Teacher: Alan Murray

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School Grade 3 or 4

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: To teach students how to say school stationery items

Preparation: Flash cards, marbles/blocks/something for ohajiki game, students will likely have all the school stationery items in their desk.

Class time: 45 mins

1. Greetings (5-10 mins)

Hello! How are you? I’m (fine/ok/hungry/hot/cold/sleepy). See you!

At the front of class, ask for 5 volunteers to do greetings with you. Give them a sticker for volunteering and doing a good job.

2. School Stationery (15-20 mins)


Introduce school stationery vocabulary to students. Show them one card at a time and have the repeat pronunciation three times. Go through all the cards two or three times.

Shuffle cards and choose one. Ask students to raise their hand if they know the answer. Help them with pronunciation, but be sure to praise them for any attempt they make. Or, have all the cards on the blackboard and point to a card randomly. Have the students raise their hands and pronounce the word.

Go through students individually starting at the front row or back row. Show them a card and have them pronounce the word. Give first syllable hints to any students having difficulty.

Depending on the level of the class, teach them a key sentence such as “I use a _____________ .”

3. Games (25 mins)

A topic such as school stationery lends itself really well to games. There are any number of games which can be adapted to incorporate school stationery.

For example:

School Stationery basket (a variation on the classic fruit basket)

‘Show Me ____’ game (have the students to place on their desk all the relative school stationery items apart from chair, desk and maybe bag. Once they are ready say, “Show me pencil!”. Students have to pick up their pencil and hold it in the air.

Using one set of students stationery items, students must make pairs with desks together and listen for your keyword. If the keyword is ‘crayon’, students listen for crayon. When you say ‘crayon’, students must try to snatch the crayon from the desk before their partner.

Same preparation as Show Me Game, although you will need three marbles, colored blocks, beads for students to use. Students pick their three favorite stationery items by placing a marble next to each. You then randomly pick stationery items, either by shuffling the flash cards or some other random method. Say the item you chose. If a student has a marble at that item, they remove the marble. Round 1, the first five students to remove all marbles win a sticker. You can reduce the number of winners for subsequent rounds, or vary the rules slightly.