Scramble (JHS)

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ALT: Kristina Shatz

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS

Textbook and specific lesson: any

Goal: to help students with vocabulary identification memorization, and to practice grammar structures.

Preparation: list of words or sentences

Class time: adaptable

In this game words and sentences are mixed up to help students with vocabulary identification memorization,and to practice grammar structures utilizing practical,real-life sentence situations that reflect those presented in the new Horizons textbook.Activity is adaptable in the amount of time auailable,your only limit is hou many vocabulary woards you use and sentences you make.Students are split into groups each student takes a turn being the group’s “voice” while other students are encouragd to help discover the connect answer.

Example: orom=room atonnium=mountain tocpmeur=computer; must in you not the run hospital = You must not run in the hospital.

Hints are occasionally given when a particular word or sentence proves difficult for the students to slove.I use a blackboard for this activity as it providers me with the ability to choose more difficult or easier words depending on the class’s ability to slove the scrambles.I recommend preparing as many words as possible so as to not become stuck with time to spare and no scrambles to provide.