Secret Friend

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Class/Grade/Language Level: Low-mid academic 1st years

Goal: Practice writing

Preparation: You need small slips of paper for everyone to write their names on, a hat (or box -- whatever works) to pull them out from, and some beautiful writing paper (maybe even a selection of it)

Class time: 50 minutes (depending on how fast the students can write)

1. Everyone writes their names on small slips of paper and puts them in the hat/box. 2. Everyone picks a different student's name from the hat. 3. The students write a letter to the student that they picked (anonymously). 4. At the end of class, collect the letters and mix them up. Get some students to be "postmen" and deliver the letters to their classmates. 5. If there is extra time, have students all stand up and move around the classroom to ask eachother "are you my secret friend?"

Suggested letter contents:

  • Introduce yourself (Write about 5 sentences, giving hints as to your identity -- for example "I am in the basketball club" or "I have long hair" or something interesting about yourself)
  • We did this class right after the summer holidays, so the students wrote 3 sentences about what they did in the summer.
  • Write 2 compliments for the person. Make sure students write good things.