Shinka/Evolution (ES, JHS)

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Name of Teacher: Thanh Hoang

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES/JHS

Goal: Review target phrases and vocabulary

Preparation: You will need: A wide open space, picture cards of various animals (think food chain), lots of energy to be really animated

This game is really great for active Elementary schools, although it can be fun for JHS as well. After reviewing out target phrase and vocabulary. Afterwards, review the animals you have brought, complete with acting!

The game proper is a Janken contest. Everyone starts off as your lowest animal (usually a cockroach), and will compete to “evolve”. The students janken, then say the target phrase/question. The winner evolves to the next step, while the loser remains at that current level. You can change it up by having they ask different questions/phrases at different levels. For example: Cockroach – Good Morning!, Mouse - How are you?, etc.

It is important that they can only communicate of the same level. Cockroaches can't talk to Mice! (That would be weird if they could.) You will have your spread of different levels. I usually put a god/かみさま/神様 as the highest level.