Soccer Review

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Name of Teacher: Amanda Kirchhoff

Class/Grade/Language Level: All levels

Goal: Review previous grammar/vocabulary

This activity can last from 15 minutes to a whole period. Even my reserved classes get excited to play this game.

1. Draw a soccer field on the blackboard. Make sure to include field length lines at various points on the field to show progress on the soccer field.
2. Print out the picture of a soccer ball & put a magnet on the back.
3. Print pictures of country flags for students to pick up as their team. Place on board.
4. Divide classroom / group in 2; each team chooses a keeper.
5. Set up complete! Alternate between ALT and JTE asking the students your choice of review questions. If correct, move soccer ball 1 line toward enemy goal. When ball lands on the goal line, keeper and Question answerer do rock-paper-scissors. Keeper wins = move back 1 line. Answerer wins = GOAL! + reset to center. I sometimes use 2 or 4 different types of questions + divide the game in quarters or halves like a real soccer game.