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Name of Teacher: Hoosen Mohamed Jamiel

Class/Grade/Language Level: Adult eikaiwa lesson

Textbook and specific lesson: no textbook; title: Socialising

Goal: to practice reading, speaking, listening and writing in English.

Preparation: print out handout. Handout: Socialising

Class time: 2 hours but this class only covers an hour.

1. Greeting: Hello, how are you? How was your day? (10 minutes)

Usually my adult students start class by preparing 5 sentences about their day ranging from what they did to what they ate for lunch. It doesn't have to be about the day and they can tell me about their week. But the point is to make 5 sentences on their own. I usually listen to their sentences and only correct their grammar afterward so they don't falter and lose confidence when they're saying them. I ask one or two people how their their day was and then let them ask each other.

2. Recap of last week's class (20-40 minutes)

We usually spend the first hour recapping what we did last time so I won't really cover that here. The second hour is for the new topic.

3. Today's topic: Socialising

Students have already learnt the use of interrogatives and can create basic questions and answers using those interrogatives. I give them a handout where they have to write general information like their names, where they live, how many brothers and sisters they have and their likes and dislikes and so forth. The last 5 or 6 lines of the page is for anything they would like to write that isn't covered by the set questions. We go over the print out, practice pronunciation and go over any new words they learn.

4. Game time (20-40 minutes)

This is where the students use what they've learnt in today's print out and increase their confidence in using the grammar. Today's lesson was socializing so I asked the students to use the last 5 or 6 lines of the print out to write down information about themselves that they haven't shared with the class, usually about 3 or 4 points are sufficient. Then we play Ping Pong Pang

Ping Pong Pang

Students sit in a circle and starting in a clockwise direction say ping, the next person has to say pong and the third person has to say pang. The person who says pang has to immediately point to another person, the person he points to has to say ping and the person next in line says pong and the game continues. Only the person who says pang may point, and anybody who says the wrong word or points at the wrong time is penalized and has to tell the group one of the secrets they were asked to write down earlier. Be very strict with penalization and the students will have to think up some interesting information about themselves. I usually get them to tell secrets, not too revealing though, but things they haven't shared with the class before.

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