Stop the Zombies! (ES)

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Name of Teacher: Jennifer Clapham

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES (but probably all levels)

Goal: Review phrases/vocabulary

Preparation: Required Materials - Laminated, sticky-magnetted zombies, Ball(s) – I recommend soft tennis balls, Review cards/questions; new vocabulary etc.

Split your class into 2-4 teams. Each class gets a base drawn on the blackboard. Put your zombies at the other end of the blackboard and draw 10-12 vertical lines between the zombies and the bases. After a set interval of time or number of questions asked, the zombies will advance one line towards the bases. When the zombies reach a base that team loses/they have a point deducted/etc. To stop the zombies, students must answer a question/say a vocabulary word; if they succeed, they can throw the soft ball at the zombies. A hit on a zombie sends it back to the beginning. In a large class or when there’s not much time, I like to pair up the students within their teams. One student answers the question, the other throws the ball.

I used zombies for Halloween, but any “evil” character would do.