Summer Vacation Storyboards and Speeches (1st year, mid-high level academic)

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Name of Teacher: Nicole Gallagher, Seiseiko High School

Class/Grade/Language Level: Academic – High-Academic High School

Textbook and specific lesson: None; Summer Vacation

Goal: The goal of this lesson is to get the students talking, and motivated with some fun, creative work about their summer vacation. The activities also serve the function of getting them prepared to write short speeches they will give the following OC class.

Preparation: Print handouts and cut the Find Someone Who sheets into 6 Handouts: Find Someone Who (Summer Vacation) Summer Vacation Storyboards

Class time: Really a two 50 minute class lesson plan, but could be done in one without the speeches

I. Warm-up/Speaking Activity: Find Someone Who (15 minutes)

Give out cards to each student and write an example on the board of the handout (as below). Elicit the question from the students. Then get them to mingle. Alternatively get the students to rotate seats by shifting rows. I usually put the following info on the board and elicit the answers from the students.

Went hiking        	Name 			Extra Question / Answer
Did you go hiking?      __________________	Where did you go? / She went to Aso.

II. Summer Vacation Storyboards (25 minutes)

Students sketch 3 pictures and will prepare some words to explain their pictures. After the students have prepared their pictures, they will present their pictures one at a time in a group of three. Everyone should try to ask a question them a question. I model the activity with the JTE before the students start so they know have an idea of what is expected.

III. Present Speeches/Homework: Summer Speech Contest (10 minutes)

Explain that the students will present a short speech about their summer vacation the following class. Their speeches should be no longer than 1 minute (good to also set a time and length minimum). They can choose to either tell a story or they can talk about pictures or photos. It is there choice! I model a speech using a prop/picture. Everyone will present the following class and each student will vote on the funniest speech and best overall speech. We gave bonus points to the winners and certificates. This activity is challenging but it really gets the students involved and is a good public speaking activity for the students. I stress to them volume, eye contact, and intonation. I think this lesson was a milestone lesson for my students and I see them coming out of their shells more and more. Highly recommended!

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