Talking Statues (ES)

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Name of Teacher: Thanh Hoang

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES, especially grades 1-4

Textbook and specific lesson: none

Goal: practice the target phrase, or grammatical point of the day

Preparation: nothing specific to the activity but the class topic

Class time: 5-10 minutes

This is a very useful game that I use with many of my younger classes (1st-4th grade). It is also very good for when you have a little extra time. After reviewing vocabulary, as well as the grammatical point of the day, I give them a minute to go over the poses we used that day, or to think about a pose. The game starts with Rock, Paper, Scissors(RPS). Both have to say the target phrase, or use the grammatical of the day. The winner is free to find another statue to talk to. The loser has to stand in their pose for all eternity, and wait until another person speaks to them (which in reality is only 10 or so seconds.) A variation is that I have winners only talk to winners, and the statues slowly build up. I usually encourage a sitting pose for those games.