Teaching colour with fruit and vegetables (1st grade)

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Name of Teacher: James Pashley, Tamana

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: none

Goal:Teaching colour with fruit and vegetables.

Preparation: printing worksheets, one per student Handouts: My vegetable book My fruit book

Class time: whole class

Colour as an abstract idea can be confusing, I have found it helps to link colour to objects when teaching children. As such this is a support lesson. Colour will have been introduced using pictures to colour beforehand, maybe rainbow scenes etc. This activity involves choosing a colour and colouring all the objects in that colour before using the next colour.

1) I will begin a class with basic greetings. Then we will quickly review colour flashcards, and practice any they may struggle with, sometime brown, grey or purple can be tricky. We may sing a song (‘I can sing a rainbow’). After we will look at fruit/ vegetable flash cards.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a _____”

“What colour is it?”


“It’s a green apple.”

“It’s a yellow lemon.”,
“It’s an orange orange…”

2) Once they are comfortable with the vocabulary and word pattern I distribute the work sheet. We choose one colour at a time, colour in, then move to the next, collectively. Once the worksheets are completed they write their name and we fold our ‘books’. They form pocket sized books that students can take home and show their family, talk about and reinforce their learning.

3) The lesson is finished by opening out the book and reviewing each of the words and colours.

Greetings 3 minutes

Colour review 5-7 minutes with singing

New words and drilling, word link exercise 10/15 minutes

Colouring book and word reinforcement/ review 15 minutes

Book review 2 minutes

This will take 40 minutes of lesson time, depending on how much time is spent on the vocabulary and drilling. The colouring will take time, but by using individual colours and working on the same parts, I have found children are spurred on to do the colouring quickly.

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