The Days of the Weeks (1-4 grade)

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Name(s) of Teacher(s): Amy Pearson

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4-6 grade

Textbook and specific lesson: no text; alphabet cards (w/ magnets), “hot potato”, paper for writing on, pencils, prizes*

Goal: Reading and Writing for Elementary Students

Preparation: 20 minutes

Class time: 50 minutes

Basic Greetings-

1) (8) Review abcs + sounds for each with cards (preferably with items beginning with each letter), pick out random students to practice aloud.

2) (10) Next, rock paper scissors; before starting, have students write down R, P, or S (for rock, paper, scissors) 10 tens on a sheet of paper; then students play against the teacher 10 times, circling the R, P, or S when they win and crossing it out when they lose. Then ask how many times the students won; the student/s with the most wins get a sticker/prize.

3) (15) Split the class into 2 groups (maybe boys v. girls); they form two lines in front of a blackboard with random alphabet letters on magnets posted on the board. The teacher says a sound of one of the letters; the first student to touch the right letter gets a point! Make sure to tell the students to win, but to take care! The team with the most points wins (and gets to pick a prize from the final prize box at the end of class). Make a big deal out of it.

4) (10) Next, hot potato with a ball or another item easily tossed about. Sing songs and when the song stops, the student with the “hot potato” has to tell you the name and sound of the letter you hold up. Use different songs appropriate for elementary school from your own country.

5) (5) Review the alphabet a final time without the cards, focusing on the letters more difficult for them to pronounce; sing the ABCs together

6) (2) Last, distribution of prizes! Keep prizes in a paper bag the students have to choose out of without looking. Winning tag team gets to go first!

Final Good-byes-

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