The Journey (Christmas)

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Name of Teacher: Mélina Lomax however, this is a combination of ideas that I`ve put together and adapted. The original traditions idea comes from Kimberly Merriman (ex-Seiseiko ALT) and the Journey idea comes from

Class/Grade/Language Level: 2nd grade (although this can be adapted for all levels and grades)

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: To learn about different Christmas traditions. To practice creativity and either writing or drawing stories

Preparation: Downloading the video (John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 - The Journey), setting-up the projector and computer or the TV and printing the worksheets Christmas Traditions and The Journey

Class time: 50 minutes

So this lesson is in two parts. The first part is on different Christmas traditions around the world (was originally a betting game but JTEs were a little concerned about having a gambling aspect) and the second is based on a video by John Lewis (a famous English store). Every year John Lewis have different Christmas TV adverts and this one is the 2012 advert. If you want to adapt others to use in the lesson I suggest The Bear and the Hare 2013 (although lots of the others are cute and the students would enjoy watching them).

Christmas Traditions ALT and JTE give out worksheets and put students into pairs (or groups depending on the class), they explain that the students need to say if the sentences are true or false. ALT reads through sentences, drawing on the board if helpful. JTE provides Japanese if needed and makes sure the students understand. Tell students that each question is worth a different amount of points depending on difficulty (1. 10, 2. 20, 3. 10….etc it alternates)

ALT and JTE make sure that each pair has filled in the column and then go through the answers. The pair with the highest number of points wins (Chocolate coins or stamps).

The Journey: Beginning ALT asks if anyone has ever made a snowman and if so what did they use (for arms, eyes, nose etc.)? ALT tells the students to look at their worksheets and says that they are going to look at a short film about snowmen. Students are shown the first 15 seconds of film and then in pairs they have to write what they think will happen next. JTE and ALT help them with spelling and vocabulary. This can be adapted into a drawing activity for very low (or artistic) classes.
The Journey: Ending ALT shows the rest of the film and asks students if they liked the ending. JTE explains that in English a sentence cannot start with `because` like in Japanese. So “Yes I do, because…” is ok but not “Yes, I do. Because…” ALT demonstrates on the board. Students are told to write whether they liked the ending and why.
The Journey: John Lewis TV advert ALT and JTE explain to students that the film is actually a TV advert made by a famous shop in England `John Lewis`.

If have time ALT can ask if this changes whether they like it or not, or can have volunteers read out their stories or their feelings about the ending. A listening activity can also be made from the song in the advert "The Power of Love" and the differences between the original version and the one used in the advert can be discussed.