The Language of Pictures (JHS, SHS, Eikaiwa)

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Name of Teacher: Max Pensack

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS, SHS, Eikaiwa

Goal: Practice sentence comprehension

Preparation: Small booklets of blank paper for students to write/draw in

Start by making (or having your students make) small booklets of blank paper. For a small group, multiply the number of players by two to determine the number of sheets in each booklet. For larger groups, just take the number of players as the number of sheets. Begin by asking the students to write one sentence in English. The more bizarre, the better. Ask them to describe something from a dream, or write out a funny situation, e.x. “The Penguin enjoys cheeseburgers in France.” Next, have each student pass their booklet to the next person. This person is to look at the previous sentence, and draw a picture based-off the sentence. In the following rounds, pass the booklet, and write a sentence from the picture, or draw a picture from the sentence, but be sure to only look at the page immediately preceding your own. When the game is finished, ask the students to present their original booklets, and enjoy the strange journey of picture translation!