The Lying Game (ES/JHS)

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ALT: Laura McGhee

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES/JHS

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: good for reviewing/practicing batches of vocabulary and phrases

Preparation: vocabulary cards with pictures for groups of students

Class time: 10-15 minutes

I use this, game a lot at my 5th and 6th grade classes. It’s good for reviewing/practicing batches of vocabulary and phrases.    You must prepare cards with pictures of your vocabulary target, one per card (fruit, country flags, animals, etc.). Split students into groups, 4-5 per group. Students pull the cards face down in the center. Then one student pulls a random card. They can choose to use the vocabulary term on the card (truth), or something else (lie). For example, if it’s the countries lesson from “Hi, Friends”, they say, “I want to go to [country name, truth or lie]”. Then, the other students the guess if s/he is telling the truth (“Yes!”) or a lie (“No!”).    Students can play independently, so the teachers can check el group performance as they play. Also, kids love to be tricky, so they usually have fun.