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Names of Teacher(s): Lyric Tekahu / Ezu Elementary School JTE’s (HRT’s)

Class/Grade/Language Level: 3rd Grade Elementary, Beginner Level

Textbook and Specific Lesson: Let’s Try 1, Unit 5 What do you like Page 20/21

Goal: To learn how to talk about what they like and ask someone about what they like.

Preparation: Electronic Blackboard with Electronic Textbook connected via Computer.

Vocabulary Display Cards. (Food, Sports, Colours)

Class time: 45 Minutes

                          Lesson Plan

1. Hello Song, Greetings,

          Daily Question: How are you? [2 Minutes] 

2. Warm Up: Colour Link Game [5 Minutes]

Get the students to think of their favourite colour. Students have to use the speech pattern:

- What colour do you like? / I like _______.

- They walk around trying to find someone with the same favourite colour as them.

- When they find the same colour they will link arms.

- After the time is up, ask each linked group what colour they like, Students reply in unison.

3. Explain Today’s Lesson/Vocabulary review with flash cards. [3 Minutes]

The words we are using in the lesson, Display them on the blackboard with magnets after elicitation. Outline the 3 different groups of Fruit/Colour/Sports.  

Revise how to form the question; What ______ do you like?

4. Practice Activity: [10 Minutes]

Guessing The JTE and ALT’s  Favourite Things.  

In the table on Page 20, students guess what we like out of the categories provided. Starting with the ALT’s favourite things. (It was easier just to use the options at the top of the table rather than using all fruits/colours/sports etc.) JTE and ALT can guess each others favourite things also!!!!! Do an example of the JTE’s guess of the ALT’s favourite things on the Electronic Blackboard, so the students know exactly how to go about guessing and slotting in their guesses. The guessing period should only take 40 seconds or so, if they are taking longer, start counting down from 10. Once everyone is ready, get the JTE and the Class to ask the question:

What _______ do you like? in unison.

ALT answers and the students write a circle if their guess was correct and a triangle if their guess was wrong.

Move on to guessing the JTE’s answers.

Finish with asking how many the students guessed correctly, then get them to do this same exercise in pairs.

5. Production Activity: Interview Game [10 minutes]

On the next page, the students choose what their favourite things are in the table provided.  

They then go around the classroom asking what their favourite things are and recording them in the table. This can take a little longer to input their favourite things so use the timer on the Electronic Blackboard and set it to 2 minutes. Make sure everyone has written answers in the columns. Then Revise the conversation structure.

Hello, [Rock Paper Scissors: Winner asks the first question]

A)What ____ do you like? / B) I like _________.

Students continue this for 5 minutes

Ask how many people the students interviewed. Applause.

6. Daily Review: [10 Minutes]

 Review Feedback.  
Goodbye Song / Goodbye Greetings.