Travel in Japan

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Name of teacher: Zachary Repman

Class/Grade/Language Level: 3rd year JHS or 1st and 2nd year SHS

Textbook and Specific Lesson: Not applicable

Goal: 1. Students practice conversations about travel

2. Students to practice reading, speaking, and listening to English

Class Time: 50 minutes

Greeting (5 minutes)

Listening to ALT and JTE (Listening) (10 mins)

1. Students listen as ALT and JTE talk about places they have been and mark their maps

2. ALT and JTE should also mention their favorite place and say why

(ALT: Explain theme, introduce places traveled to, talk about favorite place; JTE: Help explain and translate where needed, talk about travel experience)

Travel Experience and Conversation (Writing) (10 mins)

1. Students will list three places they have been to on their worksheet

2. Each students should choose their favorite place from the three and explain why (give reasons(s))

3. Students will engage a partner in conversation about their travel experience and favorite place, ALT and JTE will encourage volunteer pairs

(ALT: Help explain and translate where needed, talk about travel experience, JTE: Help explain the task, encourage volunteers)

Dream Vacation and Conversation (25-30 mins)

1. Students will write about their dream vacation!

2. They should choose a place they have never been and talk about the details of their trip.

3. After they have finished, students should walk around and share the details of their location with several classmates, and take a memo about their classmates’ travel plans

(ALT: Explain next task, give example of own dream vacation; JTE: Help explain to students the task, help them imagine places to visit)

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